Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The great thing about exercising outside with friends is... well, exercising outside with friends. The not-so-great thing? Mother Nature can be a fickle mistress, and today she was COLD. And I don't do well with cold.

But, off we went to punch and push and shiver. (I saw SNOW today!) I'm really enjoying my current boxing kick (I also like kickboxing), it is a great workout, and I get to release my aggression. Plus I look good in boxing gloves, or so I'm told (flattery will stop my flailing arms from punching toward your (general) direction (I'm still working on aim)). I am a little worried about getting carried away - I've been known to become obsessive with new hobbies and interests, and this boxing has really struck (ha!) a chord with me. I found myself wanting to punch not just Jon, our skilled and patient trainer (, but my two companions as well! PUNCH PUNCH! JAB! I'm a WARRIOR! Luckily Jon noticed my inflating sense of confidence, and gave me some tips on defense, despite my insistence that the "best defense is a good offense, LEFT, RIGHT, HOOK, LEFT!"

Apparently you can't just go punching people whenever you want. You either have to pay them, or have a really good reason. In the end, however, I just hope that we can all focus on getting fitter, healthier and happier, and that we can all get along. Since I am generally inclined toward lenity, I'm sure I'll soon stop pouncing on my workout companions and maybe up my yoga practice for balance (did I mention that we have a new Yoga instructor, Jen, teaching in our fabulous new studio Mondays at 6:00 pm?).

Also: I noticed a bruise on my arm this afternoon, and I felt proud - I've always said you haven't really participated in a sport until you've been injured doing it (and what do we do for injuries? Visit the chiropractor!). I even documented the contusion for you... then realized it was more likely from bashing into the freezer door while getting ice for our post work-out margaritas (I mean protein shakes!!). Irrespective, I'm injured, therefore I'm truly a boxer.

Back to punching and violence... well, I think deep down we all just want to be respected, loved, and occasionally jabbed (gently) by someone who cares...

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