Friday, July 5, 2013

Today I'm Wearing My Baby

I'm not very fashionable.

It's true! I'm OK with it!  I am blessed with many things, including a brutally honest and fashion forward friend (Hi Andy!) and a disproportionately healthy self-image ("yes, I am going out in this...").  I readily accept my sartorial shortcomings - you gotta work with what you've got, right?
And what I've got is babies.  So that's what I'm wearing these days.

I adopted the trend a few years back, and frankly it has become sort of my 'thing', my signature style if you will.  At first I wore my baby in a gorgeous sling from Serena and Lily.  A pouch style sling, this was the perfect starter carrier.  Just plop... er gently place the baby inside, and off you go.  It went with everything, and the embroidery was stunning.  Sadly, this sling is best for tiny babies, and we outgrew it quickly.

A fabulous linen ring sling came next.  It was fully adjustable and chartreuse.  Or was it celery?  It was sort of yellow-green.  My friend Andy would know what colour it was.  Whatever - it was awesome.  A ring sling is more versatile, and I could wear my guy facing forward, or on one hip, or in heels and a dress - this sling was perfect for more formal occasions too!  Perfect, until my chubby baby got even chubbier.  Then, the unilateral weight distribution became a real problem for my back.  It was time for sensible shoes and a sensible baby carrier.  Enter the ergo. 

The ergobaby is my favourite wardrobe piece.  It's a little less attractive than my designer pouch or linen ring sling, but at this point my outfits generally consist of yoga pants and banana, so who am I fooling?  Not Andy, that's for sure.  I'm looking for function with a dash of cute, and the ergobaby is the perfect fit for me.  I can wear my babies, comfortably.  And the company is starting to catch up with the times, coming out with more stylish er... styles.  The ergo I had from when my first son was born seems almost dated... my new one being made of nicer fabric and a better design.  The carrier is easy to use, on the front or the back.  So easy, that I attempted a demo video. 

Believe me, if I can schlep my 30 lb toddler, and look this good doing it - you can too!  I so believe in the power (and convenience!) of baby wearing - when done right - that I now stock these carriers at my chiropractic clinic for patients to buy, and will make sure you are properly fitted and wearing your baby right.  If you already have a decent carrier, of any brand, come by anyway for a proper fitting, and we can discuss how your baby compliments your look.

Babies!  They're the new black!