Thursday, July 5, 2012


As a chiropractor I often treat hip joints.  It's not my favourite joint in the body, to be perfectly frank.  Sure, it is a well designed joint - nice deep ball and socket, admirable ligamentous and muscular support, symmetrical joint space.  Pretty, yes, but still not my favourite joint to work on.  I find it to be stubborn, difficult to access and sometimes - I'll just say it - the hip can be a pain in the ass.
That said, as a chiropractor with internet access, I'm hip to the latest trends in chiro-fashion.  

Pelvis pants.  

I don't know who this lady is, but I'm assuming she's either a chiropractor or a celebrity - or both!  Probably both.  But imagine the work I could get done with a pair of these pants?  I could wear them to help patients understand anatomy, my patients could wear them to make palpation so much easier, and we'd all be so fashionable to boot.  Oooooh... these would look great with boots!  

Lets hear it for pelvis pants!  Hip, hip.... hooray!