Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why Not?

I'm often asked why I became a chiropractor, and I'm working on the perfect blog to answer this - a post so witty and insightful, and I can just picture you trembling at your computer in antici-pation.

But maybe a better question is why do I continue to do it?  Why do I get up most mornings and decide to still be a chiropractor?  I suppose the first answer that comes to mind is that I like to help people - it feels good to be helpful, to be needed.  But there are lots of way to be beneficent.  I mean, I could feel good rescuing bunnies, or volunteering to wash old people's hair.  I thought about this, and came up with a few reasons why I do what I do.

- I like using my hands, and building i.kea furniture wasn't paying the bills.

- I'm addicted to the crack.  I love that noise.

- I can't imagine doing anything else, and I certainly can't imagine doing nothing else.  I'm not a good at lunching with ladies 'cause I always spill something on my shirt, and I can't imagine going back to school.  Except maybe circus school - I was once a promising trapeze artist, and I also knew how to climb and swing from a rope in a surprisingly graceful fashion. 

- I'm a bit of a nerd, and the science courses really appealed to me.  Seriously, I've been known to get more than a little excited describing shoulder joint mechanics. 

- I'm a tiny bit lazy, and a tiny bit bossy.  I'm a better delegator than executrix, so I enjoy telling other people (person... thanks for everything Hayley) what to do, and witnessing things actually getting done!

- I'm a people person with an attention disorder.  Fine, I don't really have an attention prob- what was I blogging about?  I kid.  It's just that I like seeing a bunch of different people throughout the day and having lots of different bodies to work on, each one a puzzle in and of itself.

- Etc and misc.  Sometimes it is hard to put into words why you do the things you do, you know?  You just... do.  You have your reasons and that's good enough.

- Chiropractic works!  It really, really does.