Monday, April 6, 2015


There are some skeletons in my clinic closets. Sure, some are teaching models, there are a few loose vertebra tucked here and there, and more ominously there are a few real live- er, dead, bones on a shelf. Well, where would you put them?
You see, this clinic was once run by a different chiropractor. And left me a few treasures, aside from dead bodies. I have pamphlets from days of chiropractic yore, before stock images or even basic drawing skills.  Allow me to present a few, in all their glory.  Consider this the first in a series!

  • It's your back...
... and it is your bum!
Who drew this? More important, who modeled for this? Is this supposed to be a warning? It's your back... Keep it healthy, OR YOU COULD LOOK LIKE THIS!
Was it really necessary to have a nude model? I'm no prude, but the tushie is distracting me.

  •  whoneedsagraphicdesigner?

Can't draw a person? Don't worry, a crude squiggle for a head and spine is fine. You don't even need a nose! Don't worry about fonts or spacing either. Just squish it all together at the top. Off to the printer!

  • Masha and Dasha... huh??

When you think of chiropractic, you probably think of low back pain, and Masha and Dasha the Siamese twins.
I wanna know who authorized this pamphlet. What intern created this? Who got fired? What chiropractor, trying to find material to help his patients understand the importance of spinal care, thought this brochure would clear up anything?

And there you have it. Stay tuned for more outdated chiroganda!