Sunday, April 27, 2008

The world is my gym

"Exercise" is a funny thing (funny ha ha and funny strange). Really, we shouldn't need to exercise; our cavemen and cavewomen ancestors didn't have gym memberships or Bosu balls (I really want a Bosu ball), and it is not just because they didn't have lululemon available - they were too busy chasing after Wooly Mammoths and Mastadons to be concerned with core strength development. And funny thing, you never saw a fat caveman, did you?
They were just ACTIVE.
But then the Mammoth went extinct, and we started eating pop-tarts instead of nuts and berries, and here we are - overweight, underactive, assuming that running like hamsters on a treadmill under fluorescent lighting for 20 minutes 3 times a week while eating low-fat-low-carb food-like substances will make us... healthy? Happy?
Mix it up. Do things you NEVER thought you could do, like boxing, or hand-stand push-ups. Get outside. Move your body.
Laugh while doing it.
Or at the very least, have a laugh at ME, doing it.

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