Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It takes a village to treat a chiropractor: Dr Bain edition.

Loyalty is not in my blood.  My mother had a different chiropractor for every ache - she would go to Dr. Larry for her neck but only Dr. Michael could 'really get her low back'.  Myself, I get my haircut every 6 months by a different stylist, and I don't qualify for loyalty points at any major retailer.  On the chiropractic front I've got a full roster of docs to keep me in line.

Dr. Bain at work!
One of those is Dr. Zachary Bain.  He's funny and smart and kind - all wonderful characteristics in a chiropractor or a friend.  We over lap at the clinic on Mondays and Friday mornings, so should something slip or seize then, I know I'm in good hands.  Our practice styles are very similar, making Dr. Bain the chiro-equivalent of a best friend; we speak the same language.  We 'get' each other.  And like any best friend, he compliments me too - we are dissimilar in just the right ways.  When we treat each other we are also bouncing ideas off on another, comparing ways of adjusting, discussing new ways to treat injuries.  His touch is gentle, his adjustments just subtle enough, and he spends time stretching and releasing tight muscles and sore spots.  He is patient and methodical, and this is one of the things I like best about Dr. Bain's treatments - he really takes his time.  And I always feel better after seeing him!

At RHCC we don't expect your loyalty!  We encourage you to play the field, give all of us a whirl, experiment a bit.  Patients often switch back and forth between Dr. Bain and myself, sometimes preferring his thorough and gentle touch - and this is fine with me!  I like him, why wouldn't you?!

As for myself, please allow me to take this small space (it is my blog, after all...) to publicly thank Dr. Bain for all his work (specifically his work on my spine!) - thanks Zach... I consider myself fortunate to get to work alongside you, to share an office with you, and to be cared for by you!