Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get on your butt... and the Team Member of the Month!

I hate formal exercise.  And it's not just sweaty men in tuxedos that bother me, I also dislike informal exercise.  But, I also dislike ill-fitting clothing, and you know, dying early... so I decided it was time to move a little more.  It is getting harder to attribute those extra pounds to 'baby weight' since the baby turned two.

So I found a place I could go - the YMCA.  Sure enough, I found many ways to have a good time.  Aside from inexpensive daycare... fine, they had me at inexpensive daycare.  But also, I discovered gravity.

Gravity classes are amazing.  We lie down on a moving plank, and push or pull things and the result is a workout that works your muscles and your heart, and involves just enough sweat to be dewy but not icky.  Exercise, lying down.  And inexpensive day care.  Sold!

I also discovered pilates.  Or rediscovered, and like some long lost love, I wonder why we ever parted?  Tone and stretch, most of while lying down.  How could I have forgotten?  And pilates is (pilates are?) so effective - strengthing the core to stabilize the body.  Long and lean, strong and steady.

Mia Quint-Rapoport leads the pilates-esque workout here, in our cozy downstairs studio.  Her class is pilates-inspired, but with more push-ups and lunges, a little yoga, and a lot more giggling added in.  But don't let the tittering fool you, for this Dr. (yah, she's also a Ph.D.) is intense, and there is no whining under her tutelage.  We tone and laugh.  And sweat, just enough.

But we lie down most of the time, which appeals to me.  And that's why I'm pleased to name Mia Quint-Rapoport the March 'Team Member of the Month'.

Thanks for doing what you do, Mia!

And remember everyone: you don't have to get up to get fit!