Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting my hands on the internet.

The nice thing about a chiropractic practice is that it is fairly low-tech. Really, I need my hands. And a spine. Actually, any joint will do - a shoulder, a knee, a wrist... if I can move it with my hands, I'm in business. A table helps, as do various lotions and creams, and I don't know that I'd be very happy without Tina, my office manager, but really - give me some bones to move and my hands to move them with, and I'm a happy chiropractor.
In fact, for the lexophiles out there, the world chiropractic means 'done by hand'. I may use other modalities like ultrasound and acupuncture, but these are the warm-up act for my hands. There is something satisfying in this simplicity, that all I really need to do my job is with me all the time. My hands.

Which is why is was so surprised when it was suggested to me that I get a website, to describe my clinic and our services, to tell you the public, a bit about myself, the chiropractor. What's to tell? I have hands, I move joints with them, you feel better. But smarter people than I insisted that these internets were here to stay, and so was born. Seven years later I'm still using the same old hands, but so much has progressed; websites, it seems, are not enough. The public wants to know what I think! When I think it!! Blogging, it seems, is where it's at.

So welcome to my blog, where this simple chiropractor will use her hands to connect with you in a different way.
Chiropractic progress!

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