Monday, August 20, 2012

Pillow talk

I once made a joke about a pillow never leading one astray.  But ever since then, I've wondered: was I too flippant?  Did I make light of a serious subject?  It's kept me up at night, I've barely slept a wink.

Pillows are important!  The one you sleep with should be soft enough to make you comfortable, firm enough to support you, and attractive enough to entice you into bed in the first place.

I not ashamed to admit that I have spent the night with more than a few in my past. Some were one night stands - regretted as soon as I woke up in the morning with a stiff neck. Others were longer affairs, pillows I'd grown quite attached too, but sadly our relationship had run its course and the time came for a new pillow. Then there were the pillows I met while I searched for 'the one'.  You know the types.  Pillows you stayed with for too long when you knew they'd only continue to hurt you, the pillow you met that crazy weekend at a friend's cottage, the cushions that lured you in with false promises of peaceful slumbers.  And let us not even discuss those pillows from the 'experimental phase' (I'm thinking of you, water pillow).

I'm happy to say that I think I may have finally found the one. My current pillow is supportive but not rigid. Giving and soft but strong enough to maintain its identity. It is blue and orthopedic, and not the type of pillow I thought I'd spend my nights with - but the head wants what the head wants.  Strange bed fellows indeed!

Between us, I've been tempted lately to upgrade to a fresh version, but suffice to say, I'm sleeping well these days. Well, aside from the crying baby - but that's a whole other problem.

Your perfect pillow is out there!  
Hope you find each other.