Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends with Benefits

There are perks to working here, in addition to being located between a chocolate shop and a nail salon.  Great patients, warm atmosphere, the wonder of witnessing human bodies heal.  But best of all?  Being surrounded by excellent therapists, and getting treated by them.

Why, just recently, I found myself with an afternoon of cancellations.  "Perfect!" said the successful businesswoman that I am, "now I can get an acupuncture treatment!"  And so I lay down in the cozy downstairs treatment room, and let Lisa Quaning lovingly stab me with needles as chimey music played in the background.  I lay in the dark, silently retreating into my mind and back out again, resting.  When Lisa returned about an hour/a lifetime later, and proceeded to... I don't know, massage and move and do nice things, well put a fork in me, I was done.  Done.  I find her acupuncture treatments to be draining and rejuvenating at the same time - does that make sense?  Redrainevating, perhaps.  Balancing, for sure.

And so, I am happy to announce that this month's RHCC therapist of the month is.... Lisa Quaning!

Lisa is Zen.  She embodies warmth and calmth, and you feel better for being in her presence.  She studies Buddhism and practices Qi Gong, but isn't too enlightened to pore over a celebrity gossip magazine.  She eats very healthy most of the time, but wonderfully unhealthy now and then.

Lisa heals.  Her acupuncture treatments are gentle and pain-free.  Her advice is do-able.  Her approach is non-judgmental and open-minded.  She's got a great sense of humour, a funky fashion sense, and always rocks an awesome hair-do.  Those last few things may not seem to have much to do with healing... but who are we to say what heals and what does not?  For a while Lisa had green hair, and my back felt great.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

I'm hard pressed to name anyone who practices what she preaches more thoroughly and honestly than Lisa Quaning.  Awakening before dawn, consulting with her mentors and emailing with her monk (i know, that seems funny, huh?), exercising and meditating... Lisa will never suggest you do something she herself doesn't do or hasn't done.  She herself walks the same path of self-improvement, and she never forgets this.  No arrogance; Lisa heals with you.

When I think of acupuncture, I think of balance.  I often recommend acupuncture for problems that affect body systems, especially where perhaps western medicine cannot pinpoint or easily fix the problem.  You know, where nothing's wrong... but something's wrong!.   Things like irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, headaches.  Something is out of balance.  And acupuncture is often just what the... uh, acupuncturist ordered - non-invasive, no side effects, safe, effective.

When I think of Lisa, I also think of balance.  She brings balance to my body and balance to my clinic.  I am honoured to work with her, pleased to refer my patients to her, and so very glad I know her.

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