Thursday, June 12, 2008

My bad...

When my husband pointed out a grammatical error in my last post, my first thought was "that's unpossible". But, as usual, he was correct.

He is the kind of guy who within seconds of picking up a menu says, "I found two typos. They spelled zucchini wrong and put an extra g in the vegetable curry". I, on the other hand, am the kind of gal who within seconds of picking up a menu says, "do you want to share the sweet potato fries" and "why is our food taking so long to come!".

So I will correct and admit my transgression: using affect where effect should have been. Does this warrant a written, public apology? Could I not have just subtly fixed the error and moved on?


See, mistakes like these DRIVE ME NUTS. They represent laziness, carelessness, sloppiness, all the worst 'nesses. I worry about the next generation who consider texting to be sophisticated communication, & imho R lol-ing there way to inanity. We need to care about these things! If you made an error, like a typo, or (gasp!) misusing then and than, I would likely notice. I'd try not to judge you (hey, it happens to the best of us, see: affect/effect), but I'd notice.

So if you spot a mistake here, feel free to let me know. Gently, please.

We can all stand to be corrected now and then!

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