Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love food...

When I met Devon Strachan, a holistic nutritionist who ALSO loves food... well, it was like a match made in heaven... or a kitchen... or a restaurant. The point is, I love food, she loves food, ergo, I love Devon. She and I will sit down and start to chat about food, real food versus the fake food we tend to eat, how to cook food, how to use food to be more healthy... food, glorious food, and whad'ya know, it is 2 hours later, and boy am I hungry.

So I did the only thing I could - I made her a part of the team at RHCC.

And the best part? Each week, she brings a snack for everyone to try. A healthful snack. An easy-to-make snack. A delicious snack. But most importantly, SHE BRINGS A SNACK.

Today Devon treated the patients of RHCC to the following concoction. If you weren't in the clinic to sample Devon's version, feel free to make it yourself at home!

Olive Tapanade
How to make it:
Blend 1 can black olives, 2 cloves raw garlic, 2 tablespoons caper juice in food processor .
Remove goat cheese from fridge to soften.
Spread thin of layer goat cheese on the bottom of the bowl,all of the olive spread, a second think layer of goat cheese, top generously with capers.
Serve with whole grain bread or crackers!

Why to make it:
Olives: good source of vitamin E
Capers: powerful antioxidant
Goat cheese: promotes good bacteria in digestive tract
Garlic: naturally anti-bacterial

Unfortunately we were too hungry to take the picture before diving in... enjoy!


  1. Wow I cant believe she reccommends garlic--RAW--garlic! And wheat !

    If you have a horse stomach, go for it.

  2. Thanks for your comments! I am always interested to see what people think about my creations. Raw garlic is very beneficial to health. Many people in cultures around the world eat garlic in its raw form liberally. It is anti-microbial and anti-fungal, 2 properties that are greatly reduced when it's cooked.If a person can't digest raw garlic it could be one of two things. If they are experiencing burning or tasting the garlic for hours/days after there may be trouble in the upper GI tract. Having low stomach acid is often the cause of this, try a digestive enzyme. If they are experiencing stomach pain or bowel trouble due to raw garlic, cut it out of the diet. Then work on healing the gut. The method for this is different for each individual person so I can't recommend any treatment without assessment. The dip would taste equally great without the garlic, adding in cumin would give it great flavor. Also . . .how do you know that bread is wheat? You may not have heard of spelt but it is by far the best substitute for wheat. As I have a wheat allergy I don't eat it myself. I always put out a wheat alternative. Usually a rice cracker or if I'm feeling adventurous something gourmet like Mary's crackers, my new splurge. TIP: when cooking with garlic slice it over crushing it as the smell won't linger.

    Devon Strachan R.H.N.